Bonus Tomato was created out of a discussion amongst engineers at my job about our individual collection of Homegrowns and our affinity for these rare bikes. Particularly in this day and age of mass-produced carbon frames that sees some companies selling open-mold frames as their own though they're freely available under other brand names, I'd like to think that Homegrowns represented a time when a bike as well as a company had a bit more soul. The fact that the frames have a very unique look and one of the best rides around doesn't hurt a bit, either.

I don't pretend to be the foremost expert on these frames by any means, I just wanted to try to compile as much information as possible and put it out there in a way that would be easily accessible for anyone that wanted it. The word got out about the site a bit earlier than I hoped so some of you that have been around a while got to suffer through some unwanted beta testing. Thanks for sticking with us through all that-I'm just one guy that doesn't really know a heck of a lot about websites trying to hang on to a day job that requires a good number of hours and some travel while simultaneously not aggravating my wife. I try to update as often as possible and fix any issues as soon as I'm aware of them but if you guys see something or have any requests or comments, please email me at john <at>bonustomato<dot>com.