help with info/ value on i think a 2000 homegrown pro?

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help with info/ value on i think a 2000 homegrown pro?

I was tasked with helping an older acquantice of mine to sell a bike thats been in her basement. I believe it to be a 2000 homegrown pro frame and thru googling found this forum. Any help identifying this and coming to an idea of its worth would be greatly apperciated. 


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That's a tough one. It looks to be in great shape and the steerer extension and stem can be undone. However, the 2000 still had the 22mm disc brake mounting brackets, which limits people to using older Hayes brakes or running newer flat mount brakes with an adapter. I'd say $400 but that's a total guess. Looking at sold models like that on ebay will give you a good idea.

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Along with everything @tomatoadmin said, hers is also a 15" frame which is not very popular (in my opinion).  It has lower end spec components, slick tires, but does look to be excellent condition.  I'm in the $250-$300 camp from a local buyer.  Where is it located?

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Post it on the Homegrown site on facebook. Looks like it has a SID XC fork, XTR rear derailleur and XT cranks.  All of which are desireable (by some) high end parts on their own if in good working condition.