Rear disc brake setup for a Sweet Spot?

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Rear disc brake setup for a Sweet Spot?

So I'm now officially one of the family! I just acquired a 1998 HG Factory Suspension XT (Sweet Spot) frame.  Rear shock is a DT Swiss SSD 210L.  I acquired the fork pictured previously (a 2003/04 RS SID Race).

I think my next focus is sorting out what brakes and/or brake + adapter combo work with the Sweet Spot rear swing-arm.  Here is my list so far:

- Hayes 22mm caliper, no adapter needed - not clear on specific Hayes brake model names

- Flat mount caliper + flat mount adapter - bikeric on this forum is not responding to his thread or PMs, so it seems the source of these has disappeared.  I'm considering what I would need to do to make my own with 1/4" aluminum plate. 

- Magura Louise brake + A2Z AD-PMR adapter - I saw a picture of this setup on a Sweet Spot and appeared to just barely fit with no modifications.  I don't know if the Magura Marta SL caliper has a similar body size to the Louise or not.

I've seen other images of calipers + adapters on various HGs, but I'm trying to zero in on Sweet Spot frames.  I'm still trying to do image searches to see what I can visually confirm to work.  If anyone has a known caliper + adapter combo that they know works on a Sweet Spot, I would appreciate the info!