Looking for my stolen girl

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Looking for my stolen girl

It’s been a while, and I didn’t realize the niche of the tomato bikes until recently. I built what appears to be a later model 15” tomato bike that got stolen in 2011 in Sacramento CA. I know the odds of finding are near impossible but I’d like to take a shot. It had a small dent in the top tube from a theft attempt that I covered with a sticker. SRAM 1x9 on 2 piece SRAM cranks, race face bash guard, pike 454 forks, azonic outlaw wheels, diamond boy stem, Hayes rear disc brake conversion. The frame damages are minor but very distinct. Like I said, I know the odds are near impossible, as it probably got absorbed by tweakers, but if anyone has any leads at all, or a frame you think might match the description, please let me know. The bike has immense sentimental value as it was a joint build with my dad years ago and was the most perfect bike for my style to date.

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Hope you find her.


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