Cable Routing on 1997 HG Factory FS

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Cable Routing on 1997 HG Factory FS


I'm working on getting my new to me FS HG factory up and running but need some help with the order of the cables in the stops on the bottom tube. The previous owner just ran full length housing to the rear brake so I'm not sure how its really supposed to be. There sure is limited clearange for the middle stop though... 

Heres what I think it is:

Non Drive Side  - Rear Brake | Front Derail | Rear Derail - Drive Side

Any guidance is appreciated. 


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I prefer to run front derailleur cable around head tube which would place it furthest on drive side. 

Rear derailleur cable also around head tube with rear brake cable, but using middle stops.

I’ve never been a fan of having the cable rub hard on head tube.

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I am running a 1 X 10 so I don't have a front derailleur cable, but the furthest from drive side is the rear brake and the middle is the rear derailleur. Both run around the non-drive side of the head tube. It does rub the head tube, but I put on a clear frame protector dot where it rubs. 


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