Good Evening, long time MTB rider, First HG build!

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Good Evening, long time MTB rider, First HG build!


I'll start by saying, I did not know Schwinn Homegrown existed until a couple years ago, but I'm hooked now (this may surprise you reading the next few paragraphs).

Me:  I'm no spring chicken, I remember when mountain bikes became a trend.  I've been an MTB rider/builder since the early 90s, and a rabid  enthusiast since then.. I even had a subscription fo MTB Action back in the day.  Idolized John Tomac and Ned Overend, et al, and ate up anything I could find at the local bike shop. 

I've been out of the loop for a decade or so, and have been observing the industry from afar, aghast at $5000+ bikes that these "kids" have been riding around on the sidewalks at the Universities while I cruise about on my second-hand, rebuilt cro-mo 1990 Mongoose IBOC Comp (its modern, right, after the oval Biopace rings went away).  I've had a few bikes, from an early 2001 K2 Flyin' Monkey and a mid 90s GT Avalanche aluminum frame, but my IBOC has been rock solid.  I've recently purchased a 2000 HG 19" (without an ICBM headset, bummer), and have started accumulating parts.  I'm confused with wheelsets.  I want to build a 1x10 or 1x11 drivetrain, XD or Shimano, but being a heavier rider (losing weight steadily but presently at 300#) I feel I'm limited to a 36-spoke stout/heavy wheelset and affordable hubset.  I need some guidance.  I'm not riding downhill or even technical single-track courses, but I want durability to be able to ride what my skill level and energy demand.  I expect that I'll be down in the 270# range once the bike is done. On my mongoose I'm running Deore LX hubs, Araya 25mm/26" rims 36H and they are strong as hell.  no issues with staying true, nice Continental 1.95" tires.  Can I go to 32H rims/hubs in 27.5" without turning them into tacos?  I'm looking for real-world experience.  I need to ride, It's a sanity source.  

Thanks, you guys are great.