Misspelled Homegrown Factory on Ebay

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Misspelled Homegrown Factory on Ebay

For those of you who may not know, finding misspelled auctions can be especially good deals.  Here's one for a homegrown factory missing loads of information, like size....  Otherwise, an XTR rig starting at $200, with a 'buy it now' at $575?  I'd say it has the potential to be a good deal if there aren't any undisclosed gotchas.


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Looks like it's probably a 19". You don't see the "Phantom" style paint job very often. If it stays low, I might see if I can bid on it.

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Along with Ebay, I have found Yakaz a great source for Craigslist items as well.  Here is an example.

This is a 19" frame by Schwinn standards.


BTW, you can set-up Yakaz to give you alerts when a listing such as "Schwinn Homegrown" occurs.  It will give you an alert in your email.  I have recieved numerous alerts about Craigslist stuff, but it doesn't seem to alert me when something on Ebay pops up.

Also, on Ebay there are some Homegrown stickers for $100 and $75, and a set of grips for $75.  That guy is out of line with those ridiculous prices.  I love the Homegrown' and everything it represents, but I'm not going to pay that for accesories.  I'd rather ride a Homegrown with a "Krylon" paint job than hang a 10 out of 10 on the wall.

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