Is it a 19" or a 21"??

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Is it a 19" or a 21"??

Okay, I've got a 1996 Homegrown for sale on Ebay right now and it's listed in the For Sale forum on this site.  I bought the bike thinking that it was a 21" about a year ago.  I built it up and to my great disappointment realized after a few test rides and some additional tinkering that I was just too big for this bike.  I'm 6' 4" and 250lbs with monkey arms and giraffe legs, which is great for reaching things on the top shelf but bad for buying off the rack, to include bikes.  But I digress, I tried everything to make the bike fit me but it just wasn't happening.  I've got a sweet, bombproof, XL Heckler that I love and that fits me like a glove so it wasnt the end of the world.

So much for background. Now to the issue at hand.  When I posted the bike for sale a few guys on this site suggested that it was a 19" vice a 21".  I had never measured the bike, taking it for granted that the guy I bought it from knew what he was talking about but then I got curious.  I looked up the specs on this site for the 96 model LXT then went out and measured the toptube.  Based off the toptube measurements and the comments of the guys that pointed it out to me in the first place, I then convinced myself that I had a 19" on my hands.  I was actually happy about that for two reasons:

1. I figured that there are more people who fit a 19" than a 21" and maybe that would increase the desirability of the bike for sale

2. If it was a 19" all along then maybe my being a giant wasnt the reason the bike didnt fit and the possibility that a 21" would fit me extended my hopes of owning one of what I think are the sweetest hardtails around.  Even though I felt like I was going to go flying over the bars the whole time I was testing mine out, I loved the way the bike climbed.  Bottomline is that I still want one.  

So that brings me to the point.  I changed the headings on the Ebay listing and on this site to relfect the fact that I thought the bike was a 19"  Well, tonight I was contacted by someone via EBAY who is also a member here and he compelled me to go back out into the cold garage and take a bunch of measurements on the premise that the bike was indeed a 21".

The measurements are as follows: 

from center of BB to the top of seat collar= 20.5

Headtube length is a smidge over 5.5 inches which makes it the 140mm listed under 21" in the specs

Standover height is just over 31" which synchs up with the 31.4" in the scans for a 21"

Now here's the fun part.  Toptube comes somewhere between 23 1/4 and 23 1/2 which puts it squarely between being a 19"er and a 21"er. Actually closer to a 19".

So the preponderance of the measurements indicate that this bike is more a 21" than a 19".  I should be elated that i was originally right the first time, that I didnt get swindled by the guy I bought the bike from, etc...But in reality I am just tired of owning a bike that I apparently dont really know anything about and that makes me prone to wild swings of perception.  So....Before I change the posting on EBay again or the title of the post on this site, could I please get some feedback from the forum based off the measurements and the scans.  I really appreciate that some of you know Homegrowns so well that you can apparently "eyeball" the measurements from my crappy photos and form an opinion but I need some concrete proof that this is either a 21" or a 19".   Most sincerely, TMAX

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I have been looking at this bike as well.  Look at the gap in on the head tube, where the top tube and the downtube converge.  If there's a gap on a homegrown hardtail, it's a 21.  On top of that. you have to go by the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube.  If it measures 20.5" it's a 21.