Wanted: Information on 1999 Homegrown Factory Suspension

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Wanted: Information on 1999 Homegrown Factory Suspension

For quite a while I have been a fan of the Schwinn Sweet Spot frames. I have ridden them and built one (a 23" S-20 frame for my brother) but never owned one for myself. My dream bike is a Bass Boat Blue 1999 Homegrown Factory Suspension with a 21" frame. My second would be the BBB 1997 Factory Suspension XTR. I have been watching for quite a while (Here, Craigslist, E-bay, etc.) and have not yet seen one in the Bass Boat Blue paint sceme with the 21" frame. Does anyone know how many were made, and consequently what my chances of finding one are? Or if anyone knows of one that may be availiable please direct the information my way. Even if it is only a frame I would be interested.

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I own a 97 factory full suspension 21" bass boat blue. It is in good condition I would consider selling to the right person for the right price. Let me know if your still looking. You can give me a call 216-287-3055. Mark