1999 Homegrown Pro with disc brakes

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1999 Homegrown Pro with disc brakes

I have a medium size 1999 Schwinn Homegrown Pro that has been modified with some newer parts, including disc brakes. I want to sell it to thin out the herd and the BT community told me that its worth about $300.  I wanted to try BT first before eBay or Craigslist.

The specifics:

- The frame was made by Anodizing, Inc; approx. 19 inches.

- Some usual wear for it's age; I tried to show it in the photos. No major crashes; mostly "no velocity" falls.

- Most of the parts are original with a few exceptions

- Updated Deore XT crankset. 

- The rear Hanes brake has been replaced with a Shimano; I will include the Hanes brake if anyone wants to rebuild it.

Interested? Contact me at

. U.S. buyers only; no money orders or Nigerian princes, please.