Looking for 13" Homegrown frame - could be complete bike

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Looking for 13" Homegrown frame - could be complete bike

Hey all,


My kid has started to mountain bike, and he's having a great time!  He currently rides a Marin with 24" tires, but I thought it would be great if I could find or build a Homegrown 13" frame.  I figure the large wheels would help him on obstacles.  If anyone has a frame, or even complete bike, please let me know!!!  


Thanks in advance,



I can be reached at cgofort at stedwards dot edu  or post here!

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Good luck with that.

There's a 15 inch Homegrown frame on ebay right now.

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Here is a sweet onelosangeles.craigslist.org/wst/bik/1971300045.html

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I would join cgofort in the search for a 13" frame for my daughter.  I found a 13" black/gold Factory frame, but the seller wants $275 + shipping, and my girl doesn't like the color.  Whew.  She prefers bass boat blue.  Doooooooh!!  My fault there.  I'll take any color if the frame is priced right, and can have it repainted if need be.  Thanks for any help.

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