1998 19" HomeGrown URT Broken

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1998 19" HomeGrown URT Broken

The rear triangle of my '98 19" HomeGrown FS URT has broken at the weld of the shock tube to bottom bracket.  Does anyone have a line on repariing or replacing the URT? Does the dimensions of the URT change with the frame sizes? Another words, can I use a rear triangle from another size other than the 19" I currently have?  Love this bike as it has become a cult classic and I would like to build it into a SS head turner!

My New HomeGrown URT: 1998 19" XTR Bass Boat Green SchwinnMy New HomeGrown URT: 1998 19" XTR Bass Boat Green Schwinn

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I dont believe that they changed the sizes of the rear triangles, but you definitely need to replace it.  Once it cracks, no use in trying to repair it unless you only want to do street riding, and that i would advise against. 

Cruise over to ebay or other trading websites and just buy another one... they are pretty easy to come by.