1998 Price List

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1998 Price List

I found this price list with some of my catalogs, it's from a local shop that just recently closed it's doors.

Thought I'd scan it and post it, if anyone was interested.

TOMATOADMIN EDIT: Replaced price list that got lost in migration.

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Just found out my 20" Pro Stock 2 retailed for about $399, good stuff.

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Interesting.  My HG4B has a S/N that begins with 98, but it isn't on that price sheet.  It also is only shown in the '99 catalog, not the '98, as I recall.  Those prices are amazing.  Bikes have gotten more expensive in some ways, but in many others they haven't.  $5000 will still buy you a decent DH/AM machine these days, and those prices for the XC machines are still in line with quality items today.


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