Can't decide what model year I have

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Can't decide what model year I have

Hey, all out there! New to the site, and lovin' the love for the tomato.  I have what appears to be a '99 HG Factory Suspension.  Bought as a frame many years ago, so the parts spec won't help, but it was equiped with SID air shock.  Bass boat blue (more metallic than some of the metal flake I've seen.)  Only thing holding me up is that the serial number on the bottom bracket shell begins with "98..."  It also seems like '98 was the year it was advertised as (From Wheel World, maybe.) Looks exactly like the one in the '99 catalog. Anybody able to help me clear this up?

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I could just be the rear end was made in 1998. I know that you start getting next years bikes before the end of the year also.