1999 Homegrown Elite

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1999 Homegrown Elite

Howdy All! Figured it was time to post after using this site for all my Homegrown questions and research. Thanks for all of the valuable info everyone has posted over the years!

This is my 99 Homegrown Elite in Bassboat Green. I received this bike as payment for some graphic design work I did for a non-profit used bike shop in my area. They get donations from the community, fix them up and re-sell them to fund the youth ride programs they operate. I was looking around at a few frames, when the shop manager pulled this beauty down and suggested it. I was blown away!!! XT/XTR with a couple exceptions. I just swapped out the rigid Surly fork it had last week for the Psylo and disc brakes up front. It is such a fun bike to ride! I still can’t beleive someone would donate a bike like this. Even more – I still can’t beleive I have my very own Homegrown! 

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Congratulations!  Love the Bass boat green awesomeness!

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They are great bikes. Nice set up.


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