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Homegrown price

Hi , does someone knows how much is this homegrown 2000 pro is worth ?

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Kind of hard to say without knowing the condition of the fork or drivetrain. The frame looks pretty well used and isn't as desirable as 2001s since it's got the 22mm disc brake mounts. I'd say around $300, maybe 400 tops, to the right buyer. Ebay completed auctions (sold items) is a good way to see what things are selling for too.

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Jaiboro - Can you verify the size of this?  Measure from the center of the Bottom Bracket bolt to the top of the seat tube.  It'll be either 15" or 17"....

If a 15" a little less desireable, maybe in the 3-350 range.  If a 17" it'll get you up to about $4-450, depending on other factors.