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Project Underground pedals

Does anyone know what pedals were on the original Project Colorado? I see the photos of the Project Colorado on this site, but not quite sure which those pedals are.'s picture
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As far as i know these were sold frame only and did not come spec'd out.  thats how i bought mine in 2000 as a frame only.  Dov

Dov Goldstein

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I thought every component on the bike was Made in the U.S.A.  Maybe some Old School Ritchie's would work??

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The actual Project Colorado was a one-off that was spec'ed with as many CO-based products as possible to give to the CO governor as a reminder of how importanat the industry was to the state.
Pretty sure the Project Undergrounds available to shop rats were frame-only.

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I have the red Ritchies on mine but I think our shop built it with the black ones. Gold Nuke proof hubs and a lot of ControlTech parts.