Help with identifying bike model and parts

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Help with identifying bike model and parts

Hello everyone! I inherited a Homegrown bike and, as I am a complete bike newbie, would need some help with identifying the exact model and the different parts. I would also like to know how much you believe the bike is worth so I can get a fair price should I decide to sell it. I recently got it serviced and the folks at the bike shop really seemed to like it. Here are some pictures, thanks for the help everyone!

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That's a 1995 Homegrown Suspension that seems like a cross between the XT and a USA version, which would have had the White Industries cranks and GripShift shifters. The fork is a later (97?) Judy SL so it could've just been that things were upgraded as they wore out.

These are unique in that they were the first year for Homegrowns, they were the only year the homegrown had the bent driveside chainstay, and the only year they had ball bearing pivots. From 1996 they used bushings with a larger inner/outer diameter.

As far as value that's tough. There's not a huge market for these since the suspension platform and frame geometry are out-dated, travel is low in front and back, and there's no disc brake mount on the frame. Everything looks in pretty good shape so you might do okay if you can find the right buyer, but it might take a while. A good place to start is the completed listings section on ebay to see what they're actually selling for as opposed to what people are asking.

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Do you still have this bike?  Where are you located?

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