S(9.6) frame issues

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S(9.6) frame issues

The S(9.6) holds a place in my heart as the bike that turned me on to the URT Schwinns, and I still have my original one from '96 or so. I recently bought another, and it looks to have a very short crack on both the headtube and the rear pivot, likely from a bad press fit of the bearings. They have plenty of gusset around them and appear to be stable. Has anyone else had this problem? I've seen a lot of old Sweetspot frames but this is the first cracked one! Nothing to do I guess but ride it easy and keep an eye on it. Any thoughts?

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Mine got replaced for a cracked downtube. The one I picked up on ebay is cracked on the rear part where the pivot bolts are looks like from over tightening