looking to upgrade .

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looking to upgrade .

Hi guys , Ive been poking around a while looking and wondering what the major differences were in my bike s[9six] and the homegrown models . Ive been looking for a full suspension Homegrown with the large bore pivot but one thing i think i prefer about my 9six is the bearing pivot instead of the bushing .
Besides that id really like to be a homegrown owner but wonder if i would actually reap any benifits if i moved all my parts to a homegrown frame.
I really dig my ride now . lots of upgrades from original like disc brakes . new recon fork . dt swiss rear shock i love and 1x8 raceface .
Id like to see it all on a homegorwn and maybe toss a 29" front wheel and fork for fun .
Can any tell me what the strengths and weaknesses or reccomend a frame model to search for that might be stronger . Im not small and ride like a bull in a china shop ...

Heres a pic if the 9six [url][/url]