1998 Red Homegrown LXT - What's it Worth?...Sell or Keep?

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1998 Red Homegrown LXT - What's it Worth?...Sell or Keep?

Hi all,

Just found this site today and have really enjoyed. I have a 98 red LXT that has been hanging in my garage since I moved in 12 years ago. I recently pulled the bike down to see about getting back on the saddle again. The Wildgrippers were a bit dry rotted so have ordered some new 26x2.10 shoes for her. My buddy recently stopped over and saw the bike and asked if I was interested in selling...which I said sure. So I need to figure out what its worth but then after finding this site I am starting to wonder if I want to sell at all? Appreciate any feedback from all the experts out there. Thanks in advance. Brandon

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Hey Brandon-

Welcome! I'm in the process of building my first Homegrown (a 2000 Pro), it took me a long time to find one that wasn't beat up or cost a small fortune. I would hold off on making the sale until the tires arrive and you have gotten a couple rides logged. Your buddy knows what you have and the reputation that comes with these Homegrowns. He can wait a little longer so you can be sure about interest in making the sale. Me, I'll never sell mine... it's a keeper! Good luck and have fun enjoying the bike! Peace, -D-

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