Help ID-ing New to Me Homegrown...

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Help ID-ing New to Me Homegrown...

I've always wanted a Schwinn Homegrown and recently found one nearby, so I bought it. The bike has XTR hubs, drivetrain, brakes and is pretty clean. I'm pretty sure it's a 97'.

I've looked and read extensively on this site and online to try and tell if it's made by Yeti or Anodizing inc, or Control Tech and am still flummoxed.   

I've attached a bunch of pics of the bike. 


Experts please chime in- Yeti or nada Yeti.


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Does the serial number start with a 96 or a 97? That might clue you in. I have a frame the same  color that came with the same color decals and it is a 96.


94 Underground aluminum cracked frame

2- 97 Project Underground thermoset

97- Homegrown Factory

99- Homegrown Pro

01- Homegrown Factory Limited