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FS Rear Shock

I have what I believe to be a 1996 (maybe 1997) full suss hg. It's got a mixture of parts as i bought it from an employee in Boulder CO in 1998. Unfortunately, the Fox Alps 4r rear shock crack/split recently. From what I’ve learned, the shock is most likely a 5.5 x 1.25 or 5.5 x 1.0. In looking for replacements, nobody makes a 5.5x1.25. I’ve also found that the only shocks available in the 5.5x1.0 size are the Fox RPL or RP23. I’ve also found that Cane Creek makes the Cloud Nine, but not in the exact size. Can anyone tell me if it’s OK to go with a 6.0x1.25? Or, should I stick with the 5.5x1.0 and potentially give up some travel? I also found a guy in Idaho that will sell a Rockshox coupe for $100. Can anyone provide any suggestions?

Also, if it matters, keep in mind that I had to upgrade the front Judy shock with a Manitou black 100/120mm. So, I’ve already increased the travel slightly in the front. Thanks

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Go with the cane creek. Great shocks and easily DIY rebuildable.

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I have the Rock shock 5.5x1.25 For sale off my 1998 Homegrown All Mountain LXT. witch I am decking out and will put up some pictures in about a week or so. I put a bigger fork on the bike and Fox shocks on the back that are about 1" bigger (No lock out Sad I was told not to go bigger as any more would mess up the balance and performance of the bike. Also I was told that it can lead to damaging the bike........... but 1" should be ok.

I also have a DHX 3.0 ~ FOX ~ Pro-Pedal Shock that is about 8" eye to eye for sale.

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I noticed there's a new Fox Alps 4 on sale on Ebay for $75. 135mm eye-to-eye with a 40 mm stroke. How does that jibe with the original specs?

On the Ebay listing, it's listed as a shock for the Cannondale Delta V, and I think these were being made at about the same time as the Homegrowns? I don't know if it's too far a leap of logic to think two big vendors of the time might be using the same shock.

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with a Genesis by Risse.  It was over $200 shipped, but I feel it was worth it.  Great to work with and they shipped almost instantly.