Misc MM Size's for Homegrown Hardtail and a 4 Banger

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Misc MM Size's for Homegrown Hardtail and a 4 Banger

Hello,There's a few post regarding Shocks and stuff maybe more than Im seeing at the moment.

Having trouble with figuring out some sizes I need for specific items..Not a Metric conversion specialist..

Bikes NEW  build 97 19" (control tech) Homegrown frame

For that bike I Need:

A bottom bracket SIZE. I think it's a 73/113 Can someone confirm?  last bike I had,used the old square spindle,and thats all I really SEE..would like to upgrade someday to the newer hollow type set up If they are(?) compatible.All those cranks and spindles,seem longer.Any reccomendations?

A seatpost size..26.8? confirm

A front drailuer size?

A headset type? I know it's 1-1/8th",,but I hear A hardtail take a certain type cup(?) to fit..

*Still need a fork,Brakes,BB, 175mm Cranks,and a stem..with a decent rise, not 0 rise..

1999 4 Banger I believe the XT Team..  (metallic Army green and silver)

A bottom bracket type or size.

A BETTER shock Idea..The SID on there is Flat,and have No idea on how the pump it up or service it.  Im intested in another Better or coil type shock If somebody can reccomend one..?  I hear rock shox deluxe  or Monarch..maybe somebody here,body knows the lenghts/type or models  to look for?

*Any parts laying around,too anybody might have,Id also Be interested in..

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Hi, most of your stuff can be figured out by looking at the catalog scans, else just go buy an accurate metric-caliper.  You can get one from home depot or menards for about $20.

To answer your bottom bracket questions, you can buy a modern one, as long as the size and length are correct.  Make sure to pull the old one out first and measure.  If you buy a new one, make sure to follow the measuring diagrams that are viewable online.  Most reputable websites will have a diagram on how to measure them.  You can get a splined or a tappered/square, but I suggest going with a nice splined one - LX at least.

Your seatpost should be correct, but measure this to be certain. A 26.8 i believe, but would need to confirm.

Front drailuer size - again, measure this to be certain.

Headset - you can go cheap and buy a "Aheadset" else a chris king is pretty much the standard.  There are others, but those should get you started.  Yes, it is a 1-1/8th".  The 2000 models came with an ICBM, which is what you are referring to.  Pre-2000 models used a regular headset - much better.

Fork - you just need to name your price.  A used SID will set you back about $200, else a new Maniotu or Fox shock with oil/dampeners/coil, will be about the same.  They are heavier though, so be aware. 

Brakes - you can go with a pair of AVID single digit levers for about $20 on ebay, and a pair of Deore brake arms for about $35/40.  If you want nicer ones, you will spend about $40-60.  The avid single digit brake levers are about as good as you will get for a cheap price. 

Cranks - Yes, go with 175mm, you can get a used LX crank for about $35-60, depending on where and when you buy them.  This of course depends on your BB. 

A stem - just go with a Thompson or a Titec.  You can find those on ebay, but I suggest you go to a bike shop to try out several lengths. 


For your '99 4 Banger, same deal with the BB.  Measure it and determine the length and size.  What is your issue with the Shock?  The rear one?  You can buy a pump, else bring it to a shop and see if someone can give it some air.  If that is not working for you, let me know. I have an extra RockShock Super Delux I am willing to part with = $35, plus shipping.  It isi a coil based shock.


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Yeah,If it's not worn,Id be interested in that.. Can you put a photo here?

Im Getting thru the bike stuff MM sizes etc..Ended up with,for Now, A "73/113" Sq taper BB Un 54..And a decent set of XT cranks,,for the 4 Banger,, Which does have a Chris king headset,,I need another headset,and front derailer for the hardtail..and I guess all the 1-1/8th's will work there..I did buy a Cheap metric slide...But gotta convert(or count) that,,Should have gotten the Digital.. Thanks for the suggestions..I looked at the spec sheets once or twice..and will try that again..very interested in that shock for the Banger ..mine is Soft and seemingly out of Air(?)..Thank you