For sale/trade disclaimer-READ BEFORE POSTING

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For sale/trade disclaimer-READ BEFORE POSTING

I've created this area as a place for Homegrown lovers to buy, sell, and/or trade Homegrowns in a spot that may one day be somewhat well-trafficked. Since you're a fan of Homegrowns if you've read this far that means you are a fine, upstanding individual that wouldn't dream of engaging in any unlawful or otherwise unsavory dealings with another Homegrown fan you might find on here, the following message is completely unnecessary. However, it must be pointed out that I cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for any damages that result from any dealings that may occur as a result of postings on this forum. As with all purchases on the internet, it is wise to make use of Paypal or other similar methods to ensure some measure of coverage should something unfortunate happen, and please don't fall for the money order/check scams. If this section is abused it will definitely disappear, so please don't be the one to ruin what I hope might be a useful section of this sire for everyone else. Thanks, The management