Disk brake adaptor 22mm

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Disk brake adaptor 22mm

If anybody is interested let me know.
I will sell world wide
Best regards

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I'm interested, details please. Thanks!

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I am interested in purchasing one.  Also, which brake set would you recommend on a Homegrown hard tail with this adapter?

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I am not the seller of these, but I have experience using the A2Z brand version that is similar.

The Magura I.S. options have all fit.  I have also had success with Hope Mono Mini I.S. calipers.  Unfortunately, Shimano XTR I.S. caliper does not fit without further frame modification to seat stay tube.  You will need to use an I.S. FRONT caliper with this adapter.  The third picture above shows a REAR Magura caliper which would require you to use a 180mm rotor.  The 180mm rotor does not clear all chainstays.  You need to use a 160mm rotor in the rear.  

Hope that helps,

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i'd like to buy one of these if you still have any lying around.  

Please contact me.

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