19" 1995 Homegrown Factory Suspension Updated Photos

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19" 1995 Homegrown Factory Suspension Updated Photos

Found a 17" that fits me better and I'm going to sell my old frame. 95 small pivot with new pivot bearings. Absolutely silent under compression and rebound.  There is some very minor chain suck damage and some paint chips here and there. No cracks or dents.  Original red and black paint, not powder coated.  Decals are a 7/10, scuffed up in places but presentable.
I'm including:
Recent Jagwire housings and cables, except the front brake
Rock Shox coil spring rear shock in unknown condition, it’s coming with my new frame
Rear disc brake conversion as shown in photos, I ran BB7's with it

Full set of new decals in case you want to repaint ($45)

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I would love to have this bike but the time isn't right. I think that Zoltan guy might want it. He usually is all over everything Homegrown.


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