1995 1/2? Homegrown Frame 17"

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1995 1/2? Homegrown Frame 17"

Reluctantly selling my 17" Homegrown frame.

See pictures.

I first had a buffed Homegrown that was given to me by Schwinn when I raced on the Homegrown regional team in PA back in the late nineties. I sold that one around '99 and have lusted after one ever since as the ride is uniquely smooth and stable. So I bought this on eBay about eight months ago and planned to build it up as a boutique project bike as a hommage to my original Homegrown. But I got engaged recently and need to part with some of my bike stuff, and unfortunately this is going to go.

This is an early frame as the chainstay is welded and not machined. It also is un-serialized what I can tell. My estimate puts it as a 1995 1/2.

The wear on the frame is minimal given the vintage of this frame. It has a small scrape on the TT from where a bar end made contact, and has some very light chain suck marking. Over all this frame is in excellent shape.

It is listed thru February 23rd on eBay with a starting bid of $400 and a Buy It Now of $500. However, I am putting it up here at $400 firm and will pay USPS economy shipping with payment via PayPal.


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Good luck on that.