Hey Nathan, long time, I am currently the high bidder.  I have a limit however that I don’t want to pay over.  Not very high since this is not a “Factory” from 1996, and it is exactly the same frame as my orange BB.  It sure is pretty though!!!  If your willing to go higher than my bid (???+sellers 40 S&H), I would consider purchasing and forwarding it to you.  I also found an extra Razor Rock link that I could send you for the Straight 8 frame I sold you last year, if you want it.  I have no need for it now. 

BTW, that is me selling the Banger swingarm on Ebay.  If there is any interest from a member of this site, I am open for all trades.  What you got????  I need an 80mm travel or less fork for another project right now.

Keep the rubber side down     

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