As far as Homegrowns go, I’ve got a 98 hardtail, and a 98 Carbon. Don’t tell my wife, but my father is hanging onto a 99 4 Banger for me down in Florida until I can find a way to get it up here. I’d really like to get a 98-99 Factory hardtail, with the two tone paint and 7005 tubing.
I’d love to keep buying more as I come across affordable ones, you’re right it is addicting. But my wife would have a cow if bikes keep showing up.

As far as other Schwinnn’s go, I have over 30 old Schwinn’s, from 1949 to 1980. I guess I’d have to sell quite a few of those before I buy any more Homegrowns.

And I think you did good on that Project Underground. They only made less than 300.

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