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As I recall, I’ve never seen a Homegrown Factory frame with a sticker like the square 6061..  I know some of the Homegrown Factory/Homegrown XT frames had stickers indicating that Easton provided a specialized aluminum for the frames.    The 1997 series bikes had a frame material sticker just below the Seat tube/top tube welds…   The Easton stickers on the Factory/team issue bikes had them in the same location.     

I know I’ve seen a few of these Easton stickers/badges on ebay & craigs-lists postings randomly.. to match up exact years I couldn’t begin where to tell you.


Off topic/track a spell — that’s a fantastic frame you have there in the bassboat red/silver.   I am working on locating one for myself.   Even more off topic – I cannot think of any better paint-job anywhere ever than the 1997 Homegrown Factory bass-boat blue..  or the bass boat blue on the project underground. 

I went through my boxes of biking stuff again — I don’t have any of the frame material stickers as extras, etc.     Between those, the 1996/1997 Homegrown frame decals, we could start our own hunt for the Holy Grail.       

Another off-topic – anyone have any input on these 1998/99 frame decals available on Ebay for like $120 bucks?  The images aren’t terribly good, but they don’t look like they’d fit the frame accurately…



EDIT –=  the 2000/2001 Homegrown decal sets with the N’Lightened Tubing had some of the worst decals ever.  thanks.

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