Do you think I stole it?? $400 seems pretty cheap IMO. Its the carbon fiber one. Story behind it is the guy was a sales rep for Schwinn and got the frame for free, so his wife says. Im assuming that line came in frame only and the parts on it are off of another Homegrown of that specific era. The only new part on it is a Fox fork. I know its a Control Tech frame made in Tiawan. It wasnt exactly what I was looking for but I stumbled on the auction in the last 20 minutes. I was actually looking for a non Yeti Homegrown to have for an extra bike if one of my friends want to come over and ride but I saw alot of other Homegrowns for sale for way more than what I won it for. In your opinion, am I too heavy to ride this carbon bike?? Im 215lbs on my way down to 200lbs. I dont want to wreck it. If it isnt for me, I will gladly sell it to you especialy or anyone else on this website only. Once again id like to thank you and everyone on this site for resurecting my interest in hitting the trail and getting my cardio back up to speed. Needless to say this womans husband is now a rep for giant and for some reason im geting the vibe that either hes unable to ride or maybee their marraige split couse I cant see why anyone would give this gem of a bike away. Its been years since I got my Homegrown on the trail and its a dream. If I wasnt so out of shape you would think im a pro when im flyin down the trail or climbing. Yes, Homegrowns climb like no other period. Even with the boat anchor of a front shock I put on along with the Sun riser bars and Sumo suspension seatpost the bike is still amazingly light. I traded the weight for comfort but it still flys. I shouldnt have jumped the gun on buying the Tora shock. It has loads of travel but I should have waited and put a 29er shock and 29er front rim on it and made a 69/96er. The only guys out on the trail that kick my ass ride 29er’s. They make it look easy with little effort, but whos to say that mountain bikeing is supposed to be easy.

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