From everything I know, the Yeti-Schwinn “divorce” happened in mid/late 1998, thus ending the Yeti built Schwinn Homegrown Factory style.  Yeti continued to build their ARC hardtail frame, and the Schwinn Homegrown Factory builds went out to a different group.    The frame decals 1996 & 1997 said Homegrown Factory,  in 1998 & 1999 the frame paint-jobs were really what set things apart.. unless you happened to get your hands ona team-issue or other connected bike frame that came with some of the sponsor stickers.     The weldling on the Yeti built frames from what I’ve observed is very well done, excellent beading/etc.. good lines.   No issues/.complaints with the Control Tech built frames & their welds, but you can see the difference.  The tubing is also different 7005 series Aluminum vs. 6061….  and the non-factory frames are more squared in the chainstays.

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