It’s definitley a 17″.  I have loved the Magura Hydraulic brakes, they have worked flawlessly, but as you say I am sure there are people that don’t liek them.  I would love to see a pic of your wifes bike with the painted spins.  I have never seen another pair other than mine and a set at an old bike show years ago where spin had a booth, which gave me the idea, but those were not white.  Oh I know street value to what I think its worth are two seperate things.  I am relaistic though.  But I do know there probably are not many of these frames left out there.  I would like to keep it together as I would not have use for the parts without frame and so on.  But if you feel inclined to shoot an offer over to me, go ahead.  All I can say is no, and thats its.

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