Hi, most of your stuff can be figured out by looking at the catalog scans, else just go buy an accurate metric-caliper.  You can get one from home depot or menards for about $20.

To answer your bottom bracket questions, you can buy a modern one, as long as the size and length are correct.  Make sure to pull the old one out first and measure.  If you buy a new one, make sure to follow the measuring diagrams that are viewable online.  Most reputable websites will have a diagram on how to measure them.  You can get a splined or a tappered/square, but I suggest going with a nice splined one – LX at least.

Your seatpost should be correct, but measure this to be certain. A 26.8 i believe, but would need to confirm.

Front drailuer size – again, measure this to be certain.

Headset – you can go cheap and buy a “Aheadset” else a chris king is pretty much the standard.  There are others, but those should get you started.  Yes, it is a 1-1/8th”.  The 2000 models came with an ICBM, which is what you are referring to.  Pre-2000 models used a regular headset – much better.

Fork – you just need to name your price.  A used SID will set you back about $200, else a new Maniotu or Fox shock with oil/dampeners/coil, will be about the same.  They are heavier though, so be aware. 

Brakes – you can go with a pair of AVID single digit levers for about $20 on ebay, and a pair of Deore brake arms for about $35/40.  If you want nicer ones, you will spend about $40-60.  The avid single digit brake levers are about as good as you will get for a cheap price. 

Cranks – Yes, go with 175mm, you can get a used LX crank for about $35-60, depending on where and when you buy them.  This of course depends on your BB. 

A stem – just go with a Thompson or a Titec.  You can find those on ebay, but I suggest you go to a bike shop to try out several lengths. 


For your ’99 4 Banger, same deal with the BB.  Measure it and determine the length and size.  What is your issue with the Shock?  The rear one?  You can buy a pump, else bring it to a shop and see if someone can give it some air.  If that is not working for you, let me know. I have an extra RockShock Super Delux I am willing to part with = $35, plus shipping.  It isi a coil based shock.


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