I bought my bike last year and paid right around $350 (I don’t remember exactly) with a crazy $150 shipping which brought it to $500 that I wanted to spend. I knew I didn’t want to spend more than $500 because I knew I would have to put around $1000 into it to get it how I wanted it. The only thing left on the bike that wasn’t replaced was the handlebar, the hubs, the front and rear derailleur, and the crankset. Everything else replaced with period correct NOS XT stuff. I probably have around $1400 or $1500 into the bike and would be lucky to get $500 out of it, but I will never sell it. Personally I love these old Schwinn bikes, but am realistic about what the average guy would spend for them. I have much more $$ into my bikes than I could ever get out of them. It’s a very small market for these old bikes, most people want the latest on the market. I do sell some used parts on Ebay, but just to get stuff out of the garage. I am not in it to make money although sometimes I come out ahead enough to help finance a new project.

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