Schwinn Homegrown Model Identifier Forums 99 4 Banger I noticed the weird build on


I noticed the weird build on this bike. Has an XTR front derailler (but only 1 chainring), and a regular Deore rear derailler. The higher end (supposedly) SID, and I can’t figure out what the front fork is. I don’t like the crank, if it’s a nice model let me know, because I have no idea. XT hubs, don’t know what the wheels are either. Hayes brakes. Chris Kind headset, which I like. I’ll be taking all my best parts too, and making a nice Banger, with the other two eventually becoming “Beater Bangers”

I’ve found it interesting that of the three Bangers I have, two of the chainstays say ‘Lawwill’, one is blank. And two of the carbon swingarms have the ‘Easton’ square, one does not. I only wish at least one of them had the black dropouts.

Speaking of the Gold/Silver frames, those things seem to be rare. I’ve only seen one picture of one, someone over on MTBR has it.

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