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Hey 2manyschwinns, I would be interested in a 17" banger frame.  I am currently watching and waiting to bid on the yellow Straight 6 on Ebay,

but I would definately prefer a bass boat blue banger.  I am relatively new to this site so I haven’t got everything down yet, but I have completed one transaction with "nathan".  BTW nathan, do you have any pics yet of the Straight 8 build?

To anyone interested, I have a Schwinn Jersey and the Homegrown saddle available to any takers.  I just tried the Jersey on and lets just say I need to ride my bike more.  It is a size large Giordana.  The saddle is not perfect.  Its’ had a rump or two on it, but who knows, maybe someone here would be interested.  Not sure yet how to add images.  I’m using Mozilla Firefox, but the preview said something about Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Is that the preferred browser?





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