Well I have looked at more catalogs and it may have been maybe a Team Schwinn Frame, at least it has the same color scheme/paint job as them.  It has to be a 95 due to the derailleur hanger being non replaceable too.  Well whatever, it’s light that is for sure, except it has a heavy Judy on it.  Good eye on the tires I just put them on and they are big, 2.1 Leader in the back and a 2.3 Speed King in the front.  That was on purpose, they are both folding Continentals so lighter and better. I am planning on either putting on a rigid fork (hence the big front tire) or like a SID up front.  I don’t like the new disc fad, I love canti and v-brakes so that will remain.  I may switch the crank with a Sugino Impel that I have and going to replace shifting with Suntour Thumbs.  Should look pretty neat when I finish, I will post more pics then.  Won’t happen very soon though.

I guess I should say that I am a Homegrown newbie not a bike newbie.  I am an avid bike garage mechanic after being a store mechanic in my youth.  These bikes were the GREAT ones back when I was a snot nosed brat in the shop.

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