I’m certainly no expert, but I’ve just finished putting a 100 mm fork (Manitou R7 TPC Elite) on a 2000 Homegrown. I also have a ’96 with an 80 mm fork (Marzocchi Corsa World Cup SL). Previous to this, I’ve also spent a little time on stock Homegrown’s from the era. Here’s some observations I had: 

-I haven’t found low speed handling to be that much of an issue with the longer travel. I think personally, I notice how much plusher and stiffer these modern forks are more than anything else. Because of that increase in performance, I find myself carrying more speed over things.

-I don’t have any opinions on how much stress it adds to the headtube, but those gussets on the 2000’s and up seem pretty strong to me.  

I’d be hesitant to go much longer though. We’ve got a ’99 here with an adjustable 100-120mm Marz and we always run it on the lowest setting. Running it at 120, you start getting shaky fork legs.

-I don’t got no fork suggestions. All the kids I polled around here suggested Fox, so I went Manitou and Marzocchi.Tongue out  I haven’t had any time on any modern Rock Shox, but prior to this I was exclusively on the SID. 

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