Just got contacted by another Bonus Tomatoer who saw the bike on EBAY.  He asked me to take some measurements as he thought the bike might be a 21″ as originally listed.  At this point it is getting kind of ridiculous.  Here are the measurements which I bounced off the specs listed on the catalog scans for the 96 models:

from center of BB to the top of seat collar= 20.5

Headtube length is a smidge over 5.5 inches which makes it the 140mm listed under 21″ in the specs

Standover height is just over 31″ which synchs up with the 31.4″ in the scans for a 21″

Now here’s the fun part.  Toptube comes somewhere between 23 1/4 and 23 1/2 which puts it squarely between being a 19″er and a 21″er.

So the preponderance of the measurements indicate that this bike is more a 21″ than a 19″.  Before I change the posting on EBay again or the title to this post, could I get some feedback from the forum

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