Thanks for the replies.
I am the second owner (bought it off craigslist two years ago) and had big plans to get back into riding…then came kid #2 and a new job. I really like the bike and am not sure I am actually going to sell but also don’t want to damage a classic bike like this one if it’s worth a decent amount of money. The bike has no dents or dings and only a few scratches. It shifts fine, front fork works fine and wheels are nice and true (I had my local bike shop tune up the bike and fix anything that was wrong with it when I bought it…nothing was wrong with it and they commented at the time that it looked almost brand new to them).
Again, at this point in time I am just trying to find the monetary value IF I decide to sell.
For pricing reference here is a 1999 Schwinn Homegrown Elite that just went for $850 plus shipping on Ebay (MSRP on that bike in 1999 was around $1600) http://cgi.ebay.com/1999-Schwinn-Homegrown_W0QQitemZ170399155489QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMountain_Bikes?hash=item27ac94c521
The 1999 Schwinn Homegrown Factory Team bikes were around $3,800.

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