Some pics. 199? Has canti tab. Could be Homegrown factory XTR painted green instead of gold and red? I thought some of these where powdercoated in Dgo at a little shop off of 160 W kinda close to Wildcat liquor. I think it was called Durango Powdercoating? I purchaced the frame a a LBS. I was told it was some sort of prototype? I got some of the components at the HG factory when they where closing their doors. Selling stuff to employes and friends at cost. Orderd some stuff and some are handmedown parts. NOS Umma Gummas and new grips. May not be rare but fun bike nevertheless.schweti-2016-02-07153222.jpgschweti-2016-02-07151844.jpgschweti-2016-02-07151710.jpgschweti-2016-02-07151644.jpgschweti-2016-02-07151616.jpgschweti-2016-02-07151423.jpgschweti-2016-02-07151055.jpgschweti-2016-02-07151005.jpgschweti-2016-02-07150949.jpgschweti-2016-02-07150901.jpg

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