Sorry for not posting pics yet. Im happy with the bike although the rims where out of whack so theyre at the LBS getting tweeked now. I had to toss the ESP gripshifts, they where wiped out. The dirt covers on them where cracked and pretty much unusable. Also the XT brake levers where really beat so they got tossed too. Well for $50 on ebay I got Avid single digits and Alivo 8 speed shifters. I know theyre lower grade but thats all I could find in 8 speed. Everyting else on ebay that was 8 speed xt-xtr had stripped bolts or they where pretty beat up. It has White Industries cranks and hubs. Im not concerned about the hubs, the LBS said they where good to go, but the cranks im a little worried about. I would like to pull them off and check out the bottom bracket to see if it needs to be replaced. The bike sat for a while, I woul also like to upgrade the headset, its old school with the open bearings. If anyone knows a good headset for the bike let me know how I can go about changing it and what tools I would need. As for the cranks, if anyone knows If it would be a good idea to upgrade them, tell me. I didnt want to go 9 speed couse the cassete looks good but when I toast it, I’ll go 9 speed. Basically I want to strip it down and get it repainted and im going to a sticker place to have new ones made up. I will need a longer stem, but all and all im going to keep the bike super lite. My other Factory Comp is my comfort bike with long travel shocks and a USE suspension seatpost. This bike is super light,, lightest bike I have ever seen. I contacted the seller and the guys about the same size as me, so I have no worries on wrecking the carbon frame. As if my Factory wasnt fast enough, this thing is going to be lightning fast. Feel free on giving me any tips on upgrading the cranks and headset. Thanx

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