Thanks for the feedback, guys. I definitely am having a hard time considering something with 4 inches of travel and weighing in around 25 pounds to be an “XC race bike.” Some of the geometries stray a bit from what I’d want as well but I guess I have to get out of 1997 at some point.

I’ve definitely thought about the Castellanos and have been wanting an AS-R for a long time, but I don’t think the wifey is going to allow that one. The ARC is definitely a bargain (at least to me-never should have sold mine). I hear they’re made in Taiwan nowadays but that’s not really so bad.

The Epic is definitely intriguing; I’d like to ride one again as I rode one when they first came out and was less than impressed, but it sounds like they are very much improved relative to the early models.

Anyone got any time on an Ellsworth Truth or Giant Anthem?

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