Schwinn Homegrown Model Identifier Forums 1998 Homegrown 4 Banger Thanks, guys.  The rear shock


Thanks, guys.  The rear shock adapter is v2.0 after the first unit made of 6061 failed (as I knew it would, it just happened sooner than I thought).  I failed to mention that this setup requires custom bolts to attach the trunnion to the swingarm.  It’s not the most future-proof design, but it’s working for now.

The best part about the bike/build is that I’ve ridden several new bikes at various bike demos that we have here, and as much as we all like to have a new bike, none of them made me think, “Man, I gotta shell out the cash to upgrade.”  Yes, I have probably $1600 into this bike, but even some of the $8000 bikes I’ve tried weren’t *that* much better that I’d want to shell out the dosh.  The biggest things I’ve noticed is new bikes have better rear triangle lateral/torsional stiffness, and the Fox RLC forks are nicer than my R.  However, most bikes aren’t as plush as this one, and I’m a plushness fan.  My next build will have to be something completely different, so it’ll be a 29er full squish.  Just have to hoard cash for a while.  🙂

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