That would be a 1999 Homegrown. Just ‘Homegrown’, nothing else. It was the cheapest offering for 99. The ‘6061’ refers to the type of Aluminum it was built with. Yeti built bikes were made with 7005 aluminum, so no, yours is not Yeti made. It was made by Control Tech.

Even though it was the lowest offering for the 99 line, it’s frame is the same as all the other Control Tech built hardtails, only the paint and components are different. They’re unique in that of all the 98/99 style Homegrowns, they’re the only one to have non-bassboat paint.

Here are some specs: http://www.bonustomato.com/?q=node/354

I’d say $600 is a pretty good deal for any Homegrown. Looks like it’s got a bunch of nice components. Ride the heck outta it! Cool

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