There has been too much speculation on what this bike is.  Here is the skinny.  It is the 1998 Factory Team bike.  This bike came complete with Full XTR and the first generation 63mm Rock Shox SID.  It was completely outfitted with Titec Titanium cockpit.  Notice the canti boss on seat stay?  That shows that these frames were left overs from 1997.  They were the first frames available in 1998.  Yeti built bike for sure with Easton tubing.  I do not believe that you could buy the frame alone in this color, but that might be wrong.  These did not match the catalog picture of the year (no Toyota or Michelin decals and plain white downtube stickers) which upset me when I bought mine, but I got over it.  Dews bike has had the fork replaced, but all the shifting parts were the correct M951 8 speed parts.  I know that because I bought them  😀

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