Well I thought of keeping it.  I wouldn’t replace a thing.  It all really does work as new.  I swear this bike has been across the state of Michigan twice on rail trail conservancy 6-day rides, and has carried me through some great recreatonal trails here in Michigan like Pontiac Lake, Highland Rec, Holly Rec, Potowatomi, Schuss Mountain, Fort Custer… and I never weighed less than 220 lbs even at my peak.

So, yea, it has proven itself and has served me well, but I wonder… this thing is 14 years old.  I’m now 230 lbs.  It didn’t show any signs of complaint when I took it to Fort Custer last September.  That was my first ride since pre-2002.  Am I pushing my luck?  It won’t last forever.  So as much as I love it, I wonder of I should sell it while it is still a complete and healthy bike.

I also am liking the newer bikes with the 29″ wheel.  I’m aware of the trade-offs with the larger wheel, but I like the benefits enough to negate the trade-offs.

So I’m still thinking about it.  Although, sites like this and the way the salesman spoke to me upon hearing I have a Homegrown have got me feeling like I have something sorta unique and high quality.

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