I would say you got a very good deal. I have 2 of those frames and they look identical to the Project Colorado frames. I have been told by my LBS owner that he had one of those frames back in the day and that there were a limited number released to Schwinn shop employees (racers?) only in 1994. He said it is a prototype Homegrown and sold for $2500. I cracked one of my frames at the head tube, and have it in the shop right now moving everything to my other identical frame. It is a sweet XC bike I’m sure you’ll love. I have ridden mine for 10 years and replaced all the original components and put a SID shock on it. It originally came with an yellow SL Judy, XT crank, and everything else XTR (canti brakes), with Titec titanium bars and a Thompson seat post. Enjoy.

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